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7th March 2008

Paranormal Investigation


The evening started of very quiet and although we tried a number of different experiments we didn’t seem to get a lot of response from any Sprits within the building. One of the strange things that happened in one of the function rooms was when we were doing a table tip. We thought that the table maybe ok to move although it was a little heavy. We started asking for communication, but instead of the table moving, each of the group felt themselves moving instead, and two or more of the team said that they felt as if they where being pulled down into a swirl of something.

We did however get some good photos in this room, which included lights, light orbs moving in the same area of the room, and when Claire moved into this area they all stopped. Also in the same area we got a small EVP reading, but it didn’t seem to last long.

We decided to split into small groups to investigate some of the bedrooms. Karen, Holly and Jane began to investigate room 205. As soon as they entered the room they felt a little uneasy. Both Karen and Jane complained about pains in their ear and Holly felt cold, and could feel a draught coming over her. After sitting quietly for a while a large bang was heard by the entire group, and it was agreed that it was coming from behind one of the doors in the room. This noise was also heard again. Holly begun to feel it hard to breath and felt very wheezy. Jane picked up on a Spirit which she felt had hung in this room. This group was then joined by the rest of the team. Karen was also given the name of Edward III in this room, but was unable to connect to anything else.

When all of the group was together, Karen mentioned a lady who had been seen in the premises, and was known to most of the people there as the White Lady. She gave the name Mary and the dates 1862 / 1762. Mary had been seen mainly on one of the staircases. Karen then described what the staircase looked like, and that it had a black, iron handrail.

As the group moved to another room, we came across the staircase which Karen had spoken about, but she said that the top of the stair was different and not how it looked now. (This was confirmed, as the wall that is there now is a false wall. Holly also noticed that the stairwell had iron on it!)

We entered another room and as Relfy and Claire had picked up on a gentleman in this room this was also felt by Karen. She gave the name of Edward (St. James) and the year 1742. Claire had described this man as wearing black and that she felt he could have been an undertaker. (This had been picked up by Claire when we had split into the groups earlier in the night) Karen said that she could see him looking at her through the window and that he was dressed in black and had a very vacant look on his face.

Relfy had felt this in one of the room, 301 “This is what I felt. I felt I had a really heavy chest, like you did when you went up there. I felt that someone died of a heart attack, an old man was there and I had a panicky feeling. I got the name Jo/Jack and had an image of a soldier dressed in the 1st World War uniform. when I went around the rooms I kept getting a horrible face infront of me, it was a man with a contort, screaming face. I kept telling him to go away!”

Throughout the night Claire kept saying that she kept seeing boats, now we all know that we were no where near the sea, but it has been confirmed that there was a building yard behind the premises that built the boats for the canals and rivers.

I do think that it was a great investigation, and although a little quiet we still did get some great communication and proof for this venue.

I also feel that it worked a lot better with everyone writing the information down and then discussing the information when we all had picked up something. This also proved that we were able to get the same information to prove to ourselves that we are able to communicate with the Spirits in this venue.
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